Master your arena by mastering yourself. Create excellence in craft, character and culture.

Rachel Vickery High Performance Mentor

To bring the best of your brilliance to the performance arena takes more than mastery of technical skills. It involves understanding, integrating and optimising everything that makes you human

– the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I mentor high performers to Be Outstanding in environments where the pressure and stakes are high, and the impact on those around them is significant.



On sporting grounds or in surgery, on battlefields or in boardrooms, high performers need to be able to manage stress and optimise performance, especially in high-pressure and high stakes environments. Organisations and teams need to be intentionally and strategically set up for success. “Hoping it shows up” is not an advisable strategy!

By front-loading skills and providing foundational knowledge on stress, arousal state management and high-performance strategies, your team can deliver to their highest potential for the success of themselves, their team and the organisation.

I deliver tailored programs to suit the needs of your organisation.


Being a high performer can be a lonely experience. The very nature of elite performance is that you are an outlier – it’s impossible to stand out and fit in at the same time.

And even though you may be a master of your craft, you may be facing the same challenges or hitting the same walls that so many alpha personalities hit – the fear of failure; imposter syndrome; fear of not being good enough; feeling unsure of the “next best step”; being weighed down by the pressures and responsibilities of being world-class or leading good people.

My mentoring and coaching programs provide support and guidance and teach you the skills to manage your mental, emotional and physical state to allow you to execute your craft at your highest potential.


My purpose is to guide and support high performers to excel, lead and thrive in high pressure and high stakes environments.

High performance coaching usually specialises in one area – the physical (physical optimisation and physiology), the mental (mindset and performance) or emotional (emotional intelligence and regulation). It is rare to find a professional who possesses a depth of skill, training and expertise in all these areas and can combine them insightfully to optimise true human performance.

Through my personal and professional experience and the work I’ve done with clients throughout my career, I have developed a unique approach that brings together each of these systems into the mastery of the whole human, leading to improved performance and the ability to maintain that performance in high stakes environments. My clients have included professional athletes and teams, CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies, elite military and medical specialists.

Rachel Vickery High Performance Coach

You have the incredible ability to quickly identify the barriers in a person’s belief system that have them “stuck”, express those barriers in a clear and non-threatening way, and help the person to find solutions. Your humour, empathy, and kindness always come shining through even when presenting truths that can be uncomfortable. The most important thing I can relay to you is that these changes that you’ve helped each person create in their operating systems have had long-lasting and far-reaching impact on our program and on the lives of the people you’ve touched. Some of your most persistent messages are now firmly embedded in our team culture and have helped us navigate some massive challenges with great success. I can’t thank you enough!

Matt Kredich

Head Coach, University of Tennessee Swimming & Diving

I’ve been exposed to a lot of great coaches in different industries with different specialties. However, I can say with complete confidence, you are the only person I’ve walked away from every conversation we’ve ever had with a complete (and immediate) shift in my thinking. That might not speak volumes if I haven’t been exposed to the level of coaching that I have, but the fact that you can so (seemingly) effortlessly stretch my ability to think, comprehend and adjust my view and actions in a single conversation is special. In short, it’s the immediate but long lasting impact you can have.”

Brad Bearden

Former Chief Marketing Officer Frank Kern, The Brad Bearden Agency