This one is for the parents of young athletes! Completely different from Rachel’s usual topics this podcast with Working With Parents in Sport’s Gordon MacLelland covers the following as it relates to young high performance athletes:

• The human stress response
• The true meaning of High Performance – excellence in craft, character and culture
• The importance of ‘Character Development’
• Not expecting perfection as a sports parent and having high expectations of the right things
• The value of intrinsic motivation and the mastery of craft
• Helping support a healthy identity in our young children
• The impact of fear and how it can derail sporting performance
• Empowering our children to have a ‘choice and a voice’ in their journey and advocate for themselves
• Helping support our children to understand the choices they make and the potential consequences
• Aligning our support to the goals and aspirations of our children
• Recognising and understanding that everyone has power and everyone has a voice in the process at a variety of points within the sporting journey (Organisations, coaches, parents and children)

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