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Is coaching right for you?

You are a standout operator or leader in the field of Professional/Elite Sport, Business, Medicine, Law or Elite Military looking for a performance edge and ways to keep raising your bar; or you are performing sub-optimally due to factors either in or outside your chosen arena of performance. You may be finding it lonely at the top, as you strive to do things few of your peers can or will do.  Maybe despite your mental, emotional and physical resilience the demands of your high-pressure / high-stakes lifestyle are taking their toll.

You are likely a humble high achiever where the stakes are high, and the impact of your performance is significant on those around you.  You are striving to be the best in your performance arena – whether that be on the global stage or more locally.  You are guided by a strong moral compass (or want to hone it!) and understand the responsibility that the light you use to guide your own path to the top also lights the path of those that follow you.

The values of integrity, courage, excellence and humility ring true for you, even if you haven’t mastered them (who has?). You understand that being a good human AND a master of your craft are NOT mutually exclusive!

You understand (or want to learn!!) that technical and tactical excellence will only get you so far, but that consistent elite execution in high pressure and high stakes environments means working on all aspects of being an Outstanding Human.  You also understand you are always a work in progress, the learning never stops and no one (not me anyway!) is expecting perfect!

The details….

Coaching programs are tailored and can be delivered irrespective of your geographical location. If it’s the right fit we will find a way to work togther. Below are the broad frameworks I use for coaching. It’s important to emphasise that my coaching is not a cookie-cutter approach. This program is tailored to you, to get the outcomes that we identify before we start working together; and to put you on the trajectory to achieve further results at the completion of our engagement. Sometimes this means we adjust how often we meet or for how long we work together and we discuss this before we start.

The key focus of our work together is creating impact and results; not counting the minutes and hours of time spent together. I understand that the nature of the work doesn’t happen neatly in the allocated time slot each week, and we make allowance for this.

Before we enter into the coaching program, we’ll have a conversation to make sure we’re a good fit for each other. Coaching can be an uncomfortable process as you reach outside your comfort zone. Trust, vulnerability and communication are essential for us to get results for you!

Coaching programs are 3, 6 or 12 months and prices start from $7500 plus GST (GST applicable to Australian clients only).  Coaching programs are a combination of formal prearranged sessions, with informal contact between sessions to help you work through specific things as they come up during your normal week. At the end of the formal engagement, we make sure your direction and actions are clear so you keep moving forward on your new trajectory.

Individual, one-off coaching sessions may be available in some scenarios.  These are $450 plus GST for an approximate 2-hour session.  Coaching is contained to within these sessions.




From My Clients

Very occasionally in life, a person turns up with the wisdom, insight, and willingness to change your trajectory. Rachel Vickery is that person. Her ability to build trust and connection is second only to her astute powers of observation, enabling her to expose moments of deep, life-altering clarity. Rachel was instrumental in me discovering (and now living) my true nature and purpose. If you’re fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Rachel, grab it with both hands – you can’t put a price on the outcomes she will guide you to.”

Martin G Moore

Former CEO, CS Energy; New York Bestselling author, No Bullsh!t Leadership, Your CEO Mentor

Rachel stopped me looking in the rear view mirror (letting my past dictate my future and focusing on what “used to be”); instead shifting my focus to the road ahead, with some practical strategies to create the life I wanted. She reminded me to take responsibility for issues around me and to think about what actions I could take to solve those problems and prevent them in the future. It’s not about who is to blame, it’s about what I can do better to improve the outcome.

Leigh Rigg

CEO, HiSeis

I met Rachel at a bit of a crossroads in my career. I had lost direction and discipline, I had even thoughts of retirement and moving out of professional golf.  I was referred to Rachel sometime before I actually committed to the first meeting.  I thought I had things handled.  Little did I know it would change my career and I would have to say a big part of who I am moving forward in all aspects of my life.

Career-wise when we started I was on the verge of walking away from PGA golf, giving up on my Dream, feeling just lost! We started a process, techniques and disciplines that would not only get me back in the game but lead to the best year of my career and wins on the PGA Tour. The control of mind ~ body I was starting to possess through Rachel’s teachings was a revelation. A neck injury I battled with for years started to go away, my anxiety started to ease, and I felt present in the moment which all athletes strive for.

By focusing on seamless, effective techniques Rachel would help me change the trajectory of my career.  She brought discipline and clarity to life on and off the course, which stays with me to this day.

I could go on, but the most telling sign of her character is that she lives the life she preaches. For me, this kept me on track knowing that it’s not just words; it’s an actual lifestyle.

My achievements with Rachel
2016 NSW Open Champion
South Pacific Open Champion
Australian PGA Tour player of the year

Adam Blyth

Professional Golfer

I am an Australian Racing driver competing in Porsche Carrera Cup (Australia and Germany) and the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup series (Europe). I have been working with Rachel since the beginning of 2021 with the focus of optimising my performance through control of my arousal state. On track, I have seen a change for the better in my ability to perform under pressure and make smart decisions. This led me to winning the 2022 Carrera Cup Championship and being able to further my racing career in Europe this year (2023). I am forever grateful for Rachel sharing her expertise with me!

Harri Jones

Professional Racing Driver