How you perform in high-pressure environments is less to do with what you do in the moment of pressure and more to do with everything you’ve done beforehand to strategically and intentionally prepare for it.

In this podcast, Rachel talks with Dan Cooper from the Outlier Project, covering a range of topics including:

·     Human Behaviour in high-pressure and high stakes environments

·     Techniques for staying in control of your arousal state before or during big moments.

·     Understanding the importance of front-loading techniques before you need them.

·     The difference between how you breathe when you aren’t thinking about breathing compared with some of the “shiny” techniques that often get deployed in urgent situations.

·     Understanding some of the deeper parts of what can derail your confidence leading into situations, and how impactful what’s going on in life away from the performance arena is to what happens in your performance environment.

The conversation is targeted at military and first responders, but the content is relevant for anyone who wants to perform to their potential when they need to.