Rachel shares her extensive knowledge of breathing and has helped many teams and individuals reach full physical, mental and emotional capacity when under high stake environments. Throughout this episode we dive into:

  • Rachels experience with the NBA Golden State Warriors team and how high-performance coaches from Australia and New Zealand are making a name for themselves on the world stage
  • Understanding how improving your breathing will give you a performance edge and help you execute when it counts under pressure
  • Rachel’s idea about magic happening outside your comfort zone and how your body needs to be comfortable being uncomfortable
  • Breaking down stereotypical trends about body posture and how to keep your technique and fluidity it tact while in big moments
  • How to intentionally set yourself up for success with mental tips and tricks that regain your composure, focus and mental clarity

If you’re someone who struggles in high-pressure environments or wants to execute in clutch moments then this podcast has everything you need to learn the tips and tricks to train yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally for high performance.